PhD theses

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ALLEMAN Guy (1996): High resolution seismic profiling applied to a heterogeneous area imaging and to cavity detection in Switzerland.

ALLIBON James (2010): Growth mechanisms and timing of emplacement of a vertically layered mafic intrusion in the feeder zone of an ocean island volcano: (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands).

ANDJIC Goran (2017): Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary and tectonic evolution of Middle American plateau and forearc terranes (Nicaragua, Costa Rica)

ARIAS Olman (2000): Géologie et pétrologie magmatique du Bloc Herradura (Crétacé supérieur - Eocène, Costa Rica).

ARMANDO Giovanni (1997): Intracontinental alkaline magmatism: geology, petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Gabbro-syenitic Jebel Hayim Massif (Central High Atlas, Morocco).

ATUDOREI Nicu-Viorel (1998): La courbe isotopique du carbone entre le Permien supérieur et le Trias supérieur. Contraintes fournies par l'enregistrement téthysien.


BAGNOUD-VELASQUEZ Mariluz (2010): Environmental changes in the aftermath of Neoproterozoic glaciations: a biogeochemical study of sediments from SW-Gondwana

BAILLIFARD François Joseph (2004): Détection par SIG des zones rocheuses à fortes susceptibilités d'éboulement.

BALLENEGGER Anne-Cécile (2016): Fine-scale rhythmic magmatic layering by a double diffusion process: the example of the mid-crustal Punta Falcone mafic introsion (Sardinia, Italy)

BARBOSA Nicolás Daniel (2018): Seismic characterization of fractured rocks based on Biot's theory of poroelasticity

BARON Ludovic (2001): Détermination dans les forages de l'élasticité des sols à l'aide de sondes.

BASTIDE Fanny (2014): Synthèse de l'évolution de la plateforme Urgonienne ( Barrémien tardif à Aptien précoce) du Sud-Est de la France : Facies, micropaléontologie, géochimie, géométries, paléotectonique et géomodélisation

BAUVILLE Arthur (2014): Tectonics of the Helvetic nappe system (W Switzerland): control of strain localization and basement-cover deformation; insights from models based on continuum mechanics

BECCALETTO Laurent (2003): Geology, correlations, and geodynamic evolution of the Biga peninsula (NW Turkey).

BELINA Florian (2011): Source Wavelet Estimation for Waveform Inversion of Crosshole Georadar Data

BILL Markus (1998): Données isotopiques, chimiques et biostratigraphiques de la nappe des gets et des prealpes medianes rigides nappes: contraintes sur l'oceanisation et la tectonique des alpes occidentales.

BINDSCHEDLER Saskia (2011): The role of Fungi in the precipitation of calcite: Relationship between fungal filaments, nanofibres, and needle fibre calcite.

BODNER Robert (2013): Metamorphism and Kinetics in the Torres del Paine Contact Aureole

BÔLE Maximilien (2018): The Mesozoic oceanic silica cycle - insights from silicon and oxygen isotopes of radiolarian silica measured in situ by SIMS (secondary ion mass spectometry) in radiolarites

BOMOU Brahimsamba (2012): Phosphorus and carbon burial during cretaceous oceanic anoxic events, links with climatic changes

BONVALLET Lucie (2015): Evolution of the Helvetic shelf (Switzerland) during the Baremian-early Aptian: paleoenvironmental, paleogeographic and paleoceanographic controlling factors

BOREL Gilles (1997): Dynamique de l'extension mésozoïque du domaine briançonnais: les Préalpes médianes au Lias.

BORGATTA Myriam (2014): Ecotoxicological approaches to assess the long-term effects of four anticancer drugs and metabolites on Daphnia pulex

BROMBACH Tatjana (2000): Prévision des éruptions volcaniques par l'analyse chimique des fluides hydrothermaux d'arc insulaire: Guadeloupe (Petites Antilles) et Nisyros (Grèce).

BRUNETTI Carlotta (2018): Bayesian model selection in hydrogeophysics and hydrogeology

BRUNO Francesco (2002): Application de la sismique réflexion et d'autres méthodes géophysiques à l'étude des versants instables dans les Alpes suisses.

BUCHS Nicolas (2019): Geology of the Nidar - Tso Moraro area (Indian Hymalayas, Ladakh). From intra-oceanic subduction to nappe exhumation

BUSSIEN Denise (2008) : The Peleozoic magmatic history of the Maggia and Sambuco nappes, Lower Penninic, Central Lepontine Alps.


CALMBACH Lukas (1995): Geochemistry and isotopic composition of mineral and thermal waters from the Upper Rhine-Graben (Baden-Wurttenberg and Alsace).

CARRUPT Elisabeth (2002): Geological and mineralogical study of the High Val Formazza - Binntal area (Central Alps): new stratigraphic, geochemical and structural constraints.

CAVARGNA-SANI Mattia (2013): The Adula Nappe: Stratigraphy, Structure and Kinematics of an exhumed high-pressure Nappe

CHAPMAN Samuel A. (2017): Experimental characterization and analysis of fluid related seismic attenuation mechanisms in porous materials

CHAPPATTE Damien (2010): Simulation of stromatolite growth using diffusion-limited aggregation and a discrete model of biogeochemical exchanges in a microbial mat.

CHAWLA Fabienne (2010): Long-term and long range migration of radioisotopes in terrestrial systems: mechanisms of radioisotopes (Cs, Sr, Pu, Am) mobilization in soils.

CHEBBAA Boubker (1996): Metallogénie du cuivre associé aux roches volcaniques d'âge Précambrien III supérieur dans l'Anti-Atlas marocain.


DALLA PIAZZA-MALLAN Pascale (1995): Biochronologie des microfossiles planctoniques au cours du Cénozoïque.

DAOUK Silwan (2013): Fate of the herbicide glyphosate and its metabolite AMPA in soils and their transfer to surface waters: a multi-scale approach in the Lavaux vineyards, western Switzerland

DARBELLAY Bastien (2009): Kinetics of crystal growth and equilibrium domains in eclogite of the Sesia Zone, Western Alps

DE BONO Andrea (1998): Pelagonian margins in central Evia island (Greece). Stratigraphy and geodynamic evolution. Entire volume in PDF format [51 Mb]

DELUIGI Nicola (2018): Data-driven analysis and mapping of the potential distribution of mountain permafrost

DE MEYER Caroline (2013): Garnet growth in the metasediments of the Zermatt-Saas Fee Zone (Western Alps)

DEMIREL Serdar (2018): Electrical studies in fractured media

DENCHIK Nataliya (2006): 3D Geoelectrical Monitoring to Follow Hydric Soil Behaviour during Rainfall.

DE PASQUALE Giulia (2019): Probabilistic geophysical inversion with structure-based priors and unknown interface geometries

DE SIQUEIRA Nuno Maria (1999): Hydrogeological Research with Geophysical Methods in Granitic Terrains (Gouveia-Seia, Portugal).

DEZES Pierre (1999): Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Central Himalayan domain in southeast Zanskar (Kashmir, India). Entire volume in PDF format [42 Mb]

DIETRICH Fabienne (2017): Calcium dynamics in a silicate watershed under semi-arid conditions. Insights from pedogenic carbonate nodules (Far North Cameroon)

DI MARCO Gianni (1994): Les terrains accrétés du sud du Costa Rica. Évolution tectonostratigraphique de la marge occidentale de la plaque Caraïbe.

DUBOIS Grégoire (2000): Intégration des Systèmes d'Informations Géographiques (SIG) et de méthodes géostatistiques: Applications à la cartographie de pollutions radioactives dans l'environnement.

DUPUIS David (2006): Etude des sédiments quaternaires de la molasse et sa tectonique dans le Grand Lac (Léman) à partir de données sismiques 2D et 3D.


EFIMENKO Natalia (2011): Origin of cadmium enrichments in carbonate rocks deposited in the Alpine Tethys area during the Middle-Late Jurassic.


FANTASIA Alicia (2018): Paleoenvironmental conditions during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event and the late Toarcian. Records from Switzerland, Chile and Argentina

FERRARI Olivier (2007): Contribution to the geology of Thailand and implications for the geodynamic evolution of Southeast Asia.

FILIPPI Maria Letizia (1996): Paleoclimatic reconstruction since the Late-Glacial in Western Switzerland : Stables isotopes of lacustrine carbonates.

FLOESS, David (2013): Contact metamorphism and emplacement of the western Adamello tonalite

FORESTI Loris (2011): Kernel-Based mapping of meteorological fields in complex orography


GABRIELE Piercarlo (2002): HP terranes exhumation in an active margin setting: geology, petrology and geochemistry of the raspas complex in SW Ecuador.

GASS Francine (2003): Potentiels électriques spontanés liés à certains cas d'écoulements naturels ou provoqués.

GAUCHAT Karine (2008) : Garnet growth in the Nufenen Pass area (Swiss Alps).

GENIER Florian (2007): Structure and kinematics of the Siviez-Mischabel nappe in the Mattertal (western Alps of Switzerland).

GILARDI Nicolas (2002): Machine Learning Algorithmes for Spatial Data Analysis.

GIORGIS David (2001): Radiogenic and stable isotopic study of metamorphic rocks: Case studies from Qinglongshan UHP rocks (Sulu terrain, China) and the Isorssua complex (southern West Greenland).

GIRARD Mathieu (2001): Géologie du Rupshu : comment cette partie de l'Himalaya indien c'est mise en place au cours du temps.

GIROD François (1999): Altération météorique de roche granitique en milieu alpin: le cas de l'orthogneiss associé à l'éboulement de Randa (Mattertal, Valais, Suisse).

GLUNK Christina (2009): Biosphere/lithosphere interface: microbially-mediated CaCo3 precipitation in hypersaline and freshwater environments

GONZÁLEZ HOLGUERA Julia (2018): Reactivity of MNO2 in bacteria-mineral assemblages

GREGORIO Vincent (2014): Reliability of methods used for the risk assessment of mixture of micropollutants in aquatic environments: from theoretical concepts to field observations

GUÉNETTE-BECK Barbara (2006): Minerais, métaux, isotopes: recherches archéométriques sur les mines de plomb et d'argent en Valais, Suisse.

GUGGIARI Matteo (2011): Rôle des champignons dans la voie oxalate-carbonate.


HALDER Janine (2013): Tracing of the Rhône River, wastewater, and mixing within Lake Geneva: stable isotope compositions of water and dissolved inorganic carbon

HOCHARD Cyril (2008) : GIS and Geodatabases Application to Global Scale Plate Tectonics Modelling.

HOLLOWAY Mara Isabelle (2007): Partial melting of basic dykes in the contact aureoles of two shallow-level, gabbro-pyroxenite intrusions, Fuerteventura.

HUMAIR Florian (2011): Turtle Mountain anticline (Alberta, Canada): Rock slope stability related fracturing: Folding, Fracturing, Rock mass condition, Slope stability investigations and Geological modelling.

HUOT François (1999): Soil elastic characteristics: from pseudo-static behavior to ultrasound propagation.



JABOYEDOFF Michel (1999): Transformations des interstratifiés illite-smectite vers l'illite et la phengite : un exemple dans la série carbonatée du domaine Briançonnais des Alpes suisses romandes.

JACKETT Sarah-Jane (2007): Low latitude paleocene to early eocene radiolarian systematics, biochronology and paleoenvironmental analysis.

JAQUET Olivier (1998): Modèle stochastique de la géométrie des réseaux karstiques.

JOURDAN Anne-Lise (2008) : Elemental and Isotopic Zoning in Natural Alpine Quartz.

JUD Ruth (1994): Biochronology and systematics of Early Creatceous Radiolaria of the Western Tethys.


KISS Dàniel (2019): On the thermo-mechanics of ductile strain localization in the lithosphere and new steps towards a napp theory of the Helvetic alps

KOUAMÉ Amenan Agnès (2018): Apport de la modélisation hydrogéologique dans l'étude des risques de contamination de la nappe d'Abidjan par les hydrocarbures. Cas du benzène dans le District d'Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)

KOCH Kristof (2012):Textural Controls on Induced Polarization and Permeability in Granular Media

KOCSIS László (2007): Circum-Alpine marine circulation and paleoenvironmental conditions during the Miocene

KÖPKE Corinna (2017): Identification and characterization of model error arising from simplified forward solvers in hydrogeophysical inverse problems

KRAMAR Nicolas (2002): Microstructuralcontrols on intragranular argon diffusion in naturally deformed muscovites


LAVRIC Jost Valentin (2004): Isotopic, organic and inorganic geochemistry of the Idrija mercury deposit, Slovenia: constraints on the formation of the Hg-PAH association.

LEUENBERGER Michael (2018): Environmental data mining using machine learning algorithms. Methodogical developments and case studies

LEUTHOLD Julien (2011): Geometry, petrology and growth of a shallow crustal laccolith: the Torres del Paine Mafi c Complex (Patagonia)

LOYE Alexandre (2014): Budgeting rockfall and modeling sediment delivery in torrent systems

LUCCHINI Raffaele (2002): Etude tectonique et géochimique des fissures post-métamorphiques des Alpes Centrales.


McCARTHY Anders (2016): Melt extraction zones and orbicules in shallow calc-alkaline plutons, Fisher Lake, Sierra Nevada

MAMBERTI Marc (2001): Origine et évolution de deux plateaux océaniques Crétacés accrétés dans l'ouest Equateur (Amérique du Sud).

MANZINI Mélissa (2017): Toward a better understanding of olivine-hosted melt inclusion compositional variability

MARAFATTO Francesco Femi (2017): The photoreduction of  δ-MnO2

MARCHANT Robin (1993): The Underground of the Western Alps.

MARGER Katharina (2020): Investigation of methamorphic processes by detailed petrology and stable isotope high resolution SIMS analysis

MARSHALL Dan (1995): Alpine and Variscan pressure-temperature-time paths, N-E Mont Blanc Massif, Valais, Switzerland.

MARZOCCHI Roberto (2012): Integrated application of geochemical and geophysical methods for hydrogeological impact assessment for tunneling in fractured rocks

MASSARD Guillaume (2011): Les symbioses industroelles : une nouvelle stratégie pour l'amélioration de l'utilisation des ressources matérielles et énergétiques par les activités économiques

MATASCI Battista (2015): Rockfall susceptibility assessment and remote geological mapping with LiDAR point clouds

MATASCI Giona (2014): Domain adaptation in remote sensing: increasing the portability of land-cover classifiers

MATTEODO Magalì (2018): Response of Swiss subalpine-alpine vegetation to recent climate changes and consequences on soil organic matter dynamics

MAY Eric (2016): Origin and growth of Alpine fissure minerals in the western swiss Alps. Recording fluid flow during exhumation

MEISSER Nicolas (2003): La minéralogie de l'uranium dans le massif des Aiguilles Rouges (Alpes occidentales).

MICHELETTI Natan (2016): Remote sensing methods for the investigation of the evolution and dynamics of Alpine Landscapes

MICHELON Anthony (2021): Hydrologic processes analysis in a high Alpin catchment : the case of the Vallon de Nant

MICHOUD Clément (2016): From Regional Landslide Detection toSite-Specific Slope Deformation Monitoring and Modelling Based on Active Remote Sensors

MILANI Marco (2015): Seismic Characterization of Heterogeneous Sedimentary and Fractured Rocks Based on Biot's Theory of Poroelasticity

MOIX Patrice (2010): Contribution to the geology of southern turkey: new insights from the mersin mélanges and from the lycian and antalya nappes.

MONJOIE Philippe (2004): The Mont Collon mafic complex (Austroalpine Dent Blanche nappe), Permian evolution of the Western European mantle.

MONNET Régis (2002): Détermination à l'aide de méthodes géophysiques des paramètres hydrauliques d'un aquifère alluvial dans une vallée alpine (Valais, Suisse).

MORALES Chloé (2013): The late Berriasian - early Valanginian interval : evidences of major environmental changes before the Valanginian episode

MORARD Alain (2004): Les événements du passage Domérien-Toarcien entre Téthys occidentale et Europe du Nord-Ouest.

MULCH Andreas (2004): Integrated high-spatial resolution 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, stable isotope geochemistry, and structural analysis of extensional detachment systems: case studies from the Prosgrunn-Kristiansand shear zone (S-Norway) and the Shuswap metamorphic core complex (Canada).

MÜLLER Thomas (2007): Nucleation and growth of metamorphic minerals in contact aureoles.



O'DOGHERTY Luis (1994): Biochronology and paleontology of Mid-Cretaceous Radiolarians from northern Apennines (Italy) and Betic Cordillera (Spain).

OLYAZADEH Roya (2017): Natural hazards and open source development. Adoption and application of mobile and Web-GIS technologies in risk management.

OMLIN Samuel (2016): Development of massively parallel near peak performance solvers for three-dimensional geodynamic modelling.


PANNATIER Yvan (1995): 1) VARIOWIN: logiciel pour l'analyse spatiale de données en 2D. 2) Etude géologique et géostatistique du gîte de phosphates de Taïba (Sénégal).

PILET Sébastien (2001): Origine des basaltes alcalins du massif du Cantal (Massif Central, France): contraintes minéralogiques et géochimiques pour une source mantellique hétérogène.

PILLEVUIT Alain (1993) : Les blocs exotiques du sultanat d'Oman. Evolution paléogéographique d'une marge passive flexurale.


QUILICHINI Antoine (2012) : Fluid-rock-strain feedbacks in extensional shear zones


RÄSS Ludovic (2018): Resolving thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling. Spontaneous porous fluid and strain localization.

RAMIREZ de ARELLANO Cristobal (2011): Petrology and chemistry of Chaltén Plutonic Complex and implications of the magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Southernmost Andes (Patagonia) during the Miocene.

REY Dominique (2001): Shear2F, un logiciel de modélisation tectonique.

REYMOND Benoît (1994): Three-dimensional sequence stratigraphy offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico (West Cameron 3D seismic data).

RICHOZ Sylvain (2004): Stratigraphy and Carbon Isotope Study of the Upper Permian and Lower Triasic in some localities of the Neotethyan realm (Turkey, Oman, Iran).

ROBYR Martin (2002): Thrusting, extension, and doming in the High Himalaya of Lahul-Zanskar area (NW India): structural and pressure-temperature constraints.

ROCHAT Laetitia (2016): Metasomatic enrichment in the oceanic lithosphere : evidence from the petrogenesis of Petit-spot lavas and their enclosing xenoliths.

ROSAS CARBAJAL Marina Andrea (2014): Time-lapse and probabilistic inversion strategies for plane-wave electromagnetic data.

ROSSELLI Alberto (2001): Modélisation gravimétrique 2D et 3D du substratum rocheux des vallées alpines. Applications à la vallée du Rhône (Suisse), à la vallée de l'Adige (Italie) et au glacier de Lobbia (Italie).


SAADÉ-SBEIH, Myriam (2011): L'exploitation des eaux souterraines en Syrie centrale : construction de diagnistics et politiques d'intervention

SALEH Hassan Mohamed Ahmed Khozyem (2013): Sedimentology, geochemistry and mineralogy of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) : sediment records from Egypt, India and Spain

SANDOVAL GUTIERREZ Maria Isabel (2015): Late Mesozoic to Neogene radiolarian biostratigraphy and palaeoceanography in the Caribbean and East Pacific Region

SCARPONI Matteo (2021): Combining gravimetry, passive seismology and rock physical properties to constrain intra-crustal structures : the Ivrea Geophysical Body and the Gotthard Base Tunnel

SCHLUP Micha (2003): Exhumation history of the western Himamaya: the Rupshu-Lahul-Kullu geochronological transect (NW India).

SCHWAB Valérie (2004): Molecular and isotopic characterization of hydrocarbons: effects of palaeoenvironment and prograde metamorphism.

SCHWAB CASTELLA, Pascale (2011): Les symbioses agro-industrielles en Afrique de l'Ouest: évaluation du potentiel d'une nouvelle stratégie pour un développement durable

SEITZ Susanne (2016): Oxygen isotope data and constraints on magmatic timescales from the Chon Aike province (Patagonia, Argentina)

SHAKAS Alexis (2017): Characterizing fracture aperture and transport dynamics with hydrogeophysics. Theoretical and experimental advances

SKORA Susanne (2007): Mechanisms of garnet growth in eclogites of the Zermatt - Saas Fee unit, Western Alps.

STEIN Melody (2011): Paleoenvironmental evolution of the Helvetic shallow-water carbonate platform near the Barremian-Aptian boundary, and its relationship with paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic change in the Tethys.

STOCKAR Rudolf (2012): Evolution of a Ladinian  (Middle Triassic) intraplatform basin : stratigraphy, microfacies and palaeoecology of the Meride limestone (Monte San Giorgio, canton Ticino, southern Switzerland)

SUOMALAINEN Emilia (2012): Dynamic modelling of material flows and sustainable resource use: case studies in regional metabolisme and space life support

SURACE Ivan (2004): Evènements et déformations tardi-métamorphiques dans les segments Ossola - Ticino (Val Vigezzo - Centovalli, Italie - Suisse).


TEMGOUA Emile (2001): Les accumulations ferrugineuses actuelles de bas de versants en zone forestière humide du sud Cameroun: évolutions pétrologiques des faciès et des éléments traces en relation avec le cuirassement.

TORNARE Evelyne (2017): Vertically layered mafic cumulates in the root zone of an ocean island volcano (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands); implications for magma differentiation

TSCHARNER Marina, Von (2015): Three-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical modelling of fold nappe formation, basement-cover deformation and slab detachment with applications to the helvetic nappe system (W Switzerland)



VANNAY Jean-Claude (1993): Géologie des chaînes du Haut-Himalaya et du Pir Panjal au Haut-Lahul (NW-Himalaya, Inde). Paléogéographie et tectonique.

VAUGHAN-HAMMON Joshua David (2021): Deciphering the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Monte Rosa nappe : a combined petrological, structural and numerical modelling study

VAVASSIS Ioannis (2001): Géologie et évolution paléogéographique de la zone pélagique du nord de l'île d'Evia (Grèce): contraintes et implications géodynamiques pour les Hellénides.

VENTURINI Guido (1994): Geology, geochronology and geochemistry of the Inner Central Sesia Zone (Western Alps, Italy).

VERBERNE Roel (2013): The role of magma rheology during emplacement of the Listino Suite, Adamello Massif, Italy

VERDENAL Thibaut (2021): Nitrogen dynamics and fertilization use efficiency in Vitis vinifera : carry-over effects of crop limitation


WEBER Philippe (2013): Assessing sedimentary evolution by means of Sr-isotope ratios : 3 case studies on the Caribbean Plate (Cretaceous: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, Tertiary: Hess Rise, and La Désirade, Guadeloupe, France)

WILHEM Caroline (2010): Plate tectonics of the Altaids

WOHLERS Anke (2005): Melt topology and chemistry during partial melting in contact aureoles : an experiemntal study and field trip example.

WYSER Emmanuel (2021): Elasto-plastic deformation within a material point framework on modern GPU architectures

WYSS Martin (1999): Structural geology and metamorphism of the Spiti valley-eastern Lahul-Parvati valley area, Himachal Himalaya (India).