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CHUV (University Hospital of the canton of Vaud) Mont-Paisible16 Central Medical Out-patients' Clinic (PMU) Bugnon 48 Maternity Hospital Nestlé Hospital Beaumont Hospital Falaises 2 Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Bugnon 27) Bugnon 25 Bugnon 25a - Agora Faculty of Biology and Medicine (Bugon 21+21a) Bugnon 19 Bugnon 17 Bugnon 9 Department of Physiology (Bugnon 7+7a) César Roux 19 Franco-Swiss Hospital of Orthopaedics

 PDF plan (for print) (3508 Kb) - in french

 JGP plan (for Word and Powerpoint) (765 Kb) - in french


How to get there

By train

From Lausanne railway station
> Metro M2 going to "Croisettes"
> Get off at "CHUV"

> Taxi

Buses and metros of the "Transports Lausannois" (TL)
Trains CFF

En voiture

> Leave at "Vennes-Hôpitaux"