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60 new COST Actions have been approved and you can still join them
The European association for COoperation in Science and Technology (COST) has approved funding for 60 new Actions to start in autumn 2024.
60 nouvelles Actions COST ont été approuvées et vous pouvez encore les rejoindre
L'association européenne de COopération Scientifique et Technologique (COST) a approuvé le financement de 60 nouvelles Actions qui débuteront à l'automne 2024.
Horizon Europe is the Research and Innovation Framework Programme running from 2021-2027 with a budget of 95.5 billion euro.
Swiss participation in Horizon Europe
CH-EU negotiations started in March 2024. A partial 2025 Transitional arrangement allows researchers established in Switzerland to apply for the 2025 ERC Starting, Consolidator and Synergy Grants calls.
European Research Council (ERC)
The 2024 ERC Advanced Grants call opened on May 29 with a submission deadline on August 29, 2024. Thanks to the 2024 Transitional Arrangement, it is possible to apply with a host institution established in Switzerland.
2024 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
The 2024 MSC Postdoctoral Fellowships call opened on April 10 with a submission deadline on September 11, 2024. The 2024 MSC Doctoral Networks call opened on May 29 with a submission deadline on November 27, 2024.
SNSF Transitional Measures for Horizon Europe
No SNSF Transitional Measure is currently open.