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The complete course of medical studies comprises two 3-year-long courses (Bachelor's and Master's degrees)

The first year of the Bachelor in Medicine lays the foundations of scientific knowledge that form the basis for the description of normal physiological and pathological processes and clinical investigation technologies (physics, chemistry and biology). A significant part of the course is also dedicated to studying the relationship between medicine, patients and society, from the perspective of the human sciences in medicine.

The second year approaches the study of the human body.

The third year supplements the theoretical approach with blocks of teaching on the wards.

IMPORTANT:  from the 2022-2023 academic year onwards, students in the first year of the Bachelor in Medicine course will advance to the second year on the basis of a competitive examination. More information available on the School of Medicine website.

Practical Information

Faculty of Biology and Medicine: School of Medicine

Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Medicine (BMed)

ECTS Credits

6 semesters

Teaching Language

Enrolment Deadline
Compulsory pre-registration with swissuniversities in Bern before 15 February.
In addition to this pre-registration, you must apply online at UNIL before 30 April.

Further information
Pre-registration (swissuniversities)
Applications at UNIL
Course description

Study Options After the Bachelor's Degree

At UNIL, the following Master's programmes are open without further conditions to holders of the Bachelor in Medicine:

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