Swiss-European Mobility Programme

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The SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) internship programme has replaced the Erasmus internship programme. This gives you the opportunity to complete an internship in a business, hospital, laboratory, school, etc. in Europe and, as soon as the academic year 2021-2022, anywhere in the world and receive a grant for it.

Programme Characteristics

  • Any public or private-sector organisation can host an intern, except for the European institutions, EU bodies or organisations that manage EU programmes, and the diplomatic institutions of the student’s country of origin (embassy, etc.)
  • The internship must last between two and 12 months.
  • The grant is CHF 440 per month for a traineeship in Europe and CHF 500 per month outside Europe.
  • The internship is recorded in the student’s diploma supplement.
  • Students must be selected, at the latest, during their final year of study and before their final projects or examinations (without exception!) and must complete their internship abroad within a year of gaining their qualification at the latest. In this case, the internship is not recorded in the diploma supplement and a certificate of employment must be provided by the employer.

Acceptance criteria

  • Be enrolled at UNIL (at Bachelor’s, Master's or PhD level)
  • Note: students are entitled to take part in the SEMP programme (internship and/or study) for up to 12 months at each level.


  1. Find an internship (paid or unpaid) in a business, hospital, laboratory, school, etc. in a participating European country or another country in the world. See the internship offers published by the European Student Network ESN.
  2. Complete the "training agreement" form (see below) in conjunction with your faculty’s mobility coordinator and the host institution.
  3. Submit the form, completed and signed, to SASME. Note: the award of a grant depends on the funding available and is not guaranteed: grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as applications are submitted.
  4. Complete the “Insurance Declaration” form and return it to SASME with the grant agreement at the latest.
  5. SASME will then send you a grant agreement to sign and return to it.
  6. At the end of your internship, complete the “Final report” form provided by SASME and return it to it.


 Training agreement and quality commitment for transnational student placement


 Insurance Declaration

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