Delgado Yenny

Yenny perfil.jpg (Yenny Delgado, PhD student)

PhD Student

Psychology of religion

Institute for social sciences of religion (ISSR)

Email : yenny.delgado<at>

Fields of interest:

  • Psychology and Religion
  • Ethnicity and Migration studies
  • Narrative Identity
  • Public theology 
  • Decolonization


Yenny is a native American descendant and has a deep appreciation of her cultural roots and spiritualities. She is the founder and director of PUBLICA (, a forum where theology, psychology, ethnicity, and politics meet in thoughtful and timely reflections, articles, and poems. She encourages active international theologians to distill thoughts into written works for sharing and discussion.


Yenny is focusing her doctoral research on psychological and theological analysis to understand the construction of the ethnic identity of Native American descendants.


The concept of identity is a complex reflection of various factors that define who someone is. The development and construction of identities are linked with psychological, religious aspects, and our self-identification influences many components of one's life. In the case of the Native American descendants, identity has been in flux since Europeans and the Christian Church arrived in America in the 15th Century and inflicted a long process of colonization.


Yenny Delgado earned two Bachelor's degrees and Licenses in Psychology from Federico Villarreal University (Peru) and theology from Biblical Latin America University (Costa Rica).  Additionally, she has earned two master's degrees, one in Cooperation and International Development at Jaume I University (Spain) and Public Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary (United States). She is currently a Ph.D. student within the Institut de sciences sociales des religions (ISSR) Psychology of the Religion led by Prof. Dr. Pierre-Yves Brandt.

Invited Speaking Conference

  • Argentine Society of Theology. Invited speaker. Synodality and Fraternity from an Ecclesia semper reformanda. October 21, 2021
  • Racial Awareness and Mindfulness, Healing, and Justice. Washington DC. October 16, 2021.
  • University of Toronto, Christian Left Conference. The Church’s Theological and Political Role in Supporting White Supremacy in the United States. July 23-24,2021 
  • Djanira Institute of Research, Invited Lecture in “Decolonization: The role of the church in confronting white supremacy and racism” Rio Janeiro, Brasil. 23 and 24 November 2020.
  • US Department of Health & Human Services, Conference “The role of race and social determinants of health in improving outcomes” Washington, DC, USA October 13, 2020 
  • Awareness and Advocacy toward Systemic Racism and White Supremacy. Virtual Roundtable organized by Presbyterian Church USA. August 2020 
  • Global Consultation Standing Together in a World Divided. Presbyterian Church USA. Global Mission, Bangkok, Thailand - 2019 
  • Annual Gathering of American Feminist Theologian, Mexico City, Mexico. October 2019
  • Decolonizing History in America, Student Christian Movement, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. August 2019 
  • Identity and Decolonization, Evangelical University Student Association, Lima-Peru. July 2019
  • Global Kairos, Workshop Moderator. Bethlehem, Palestine, December 2018 
  • FTL Migration and Theology. Latin America Theology, Mexico - October 2018 
  • Global Forum on Church and Poverty. Tear Fund, Kigali, Rwanda - August 2018 
  • International Conference of Social Psychology, Federico Villarreal University. Lima, Peru December 2017 


Book Chapters:

  • Reclaiming our Prophetic Voice to Call for Justice. In Jubilee God’s answer to Poverty? (1st ed., p 135-146). Oxford, England: Regnum Books. February 2020
  • Immigrant Theology, Faith and Displacement in the Global Era. 1st ed., p 29-49. Latin American fellowship Journal. Collection FTL. Number 45. October 2020 ISBN: 978-65-88158-01-2
  • Between Crisis and Verses, COVID-19: Visualizing Inequality in the United States. p 19-27. Latin American Fraternity Journal. Collection FTL Guatemala. July 2020


  • Addressing Climate Change requires Reconciliation with Indigenous Communities. Mission Crossroads, Presbyterian Mission. United States - Spring 2020.
  • The Role of the US Christian Church in Supporting White Supremacy: Initial Reflections Journal of Latin American Theology. Vol. 14, No. 1, p 133 -154. United States - August 2019 

Journal Guest Editor:

  • MDPI Religions Journal. Special Issue: Revisioning Latin American Christian Theology. February 2022. ISSN 2077-1444