Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

The lab in images

The lab in images


Zeiss Gemini 500

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Cryo-field emission-variable pressure SEM (cryo-FE-VPSEM) of the latest generation equipped with the full cryogenic system manufactured by Leica, and allowing for low-temperature observations down to -150°C. The equipment includes in-lens SE and BSE detectors for high-resolution (<0.8 nm) low voltage (<100 V) surface and compositional imaging, and side-mounted detectors for SE, low-vacuum SE, BSE and STEM (BF, DF, and HAADF) imaging. The instrumentation is complemented by the 150 mm2 SDD-EDX X-Max detector released by Oxford Instruments.

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For bookings, users are invited to email  Cristina Martin


Tescan Mira II LMUTescan Mira LMU.jpg

Field emission (Shottky-FE-SEM) scanning electron microscope equipped with SE, in-lens SE and BSE detectors. In-situ chemical analyses are performed using a SDD X-Ray detector (Ultim Max from Oxford Instruments), and EBSD analyses using the Symmetry detector (Oxford Instruments). Both EDX and ESBD analyses are monitored using the AZtec 6 software package from Oxford Instruments. Low-vacuum mode available.

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CamScan MV2300Disponibilité CamScan MV2300

SEM equipped with a standard thermionic source (W filament). The instrument is used for everyday SE, low-vacuum SE and BSE imaging, as well as for panchromatic cathodoluminescence (pan-CL) imaging. The instrumentation also includes a Penta-FET EDX detector released by Oxford Instruments, and the SEM microtomographic equipment (SEM micro-CT) manufactured by Bruker for 3D volumetric analyses.

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For bookings, users are invited to email Goran Andjić

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) lab


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Lab manager:

Prof. Allison Daley

Contact persons:

Dr. Pierre Vonlanthen
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Dr. Goran Andjić
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Dr. Cristina Martin Olmos
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