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Equal Opportunities Office

Are you a parent working or studying at UNIL?

Are you looking for a day-care service for your child?

The non-profit organisation profawo, a partner of the Equal Opportunities Office, will help you with finding a day-care service for your child either on a regular basis or in case of emergency, registering your children at the nursery Kids & Co La Source (near Vevey) and advising you on how to reconcile work and family life. Financial support for day-care services is available through the Equal Opportunities Office under specific conditions.



Looking for a nursery

Nursery "La Croq'cinelle" UNIL-EPFL (in French)

Opened on 1 October 2013, this nursery located in the Anthropole building welcomes 44 children who have at least one parent working or studying at UNIL or EPFL.

Nursery "La Croquignole" UNIL-EPFL (in French)

Only for children who have parents working or studying at UNIL or EPFL, this nursery welcomes children from 8 weeks old until they reach the age of going to primary school.

Nursery "Polychinelle" UNIL-EPFL (in French)

This nursery-day-care service welcomes 37 children from 2 months old until they reach the age of going to primary school and who have at least one parent working or studying at UNIL or EPFL.

Nursery "Primavera" (in French)

For more information: please click here.

"Petite enfance" address book

Aimed at parents with very young children and professionals, this address book is a valuable source of information and guidance for families in need of preparing for childbirth, day-care services for sick children, social-medical or legal support, list of toy libraries, etc.

The website of the Canton de Vaud (in French) provides all the necessary information.

Looking for accommodation

Besides real estate agencies, this website offers a range of additional options, including short-term lets of furnished apartments.



In accordance with its policy of dialogue and inclusiveness towards all employees, the Rectorate of the University of Lausanne has set up a Staff Committee accessible to all employees of the University, whether from the teaching, intermediary, administrative or technical staff. By “employees of the University”, we mean people who are remunerated by UNIL.

ACIDUL - (in French)

Association of intermediary staff and PhD students at the University of Lausanne


ADAS - (in French)

Association of PhD students and Assistants in the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM)


ASMAV - (in French)

Swiss Association of Medical Assistants


Cultural associations at UNIL (in French)


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