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Payment dates 2024

January 25th January 2024
February 23th February 2024
March 25th March 2024
April 25th April 2024
May 24th May 2024
June 25th June 2024
July 25th July 2024
August 23th August 2024
September 25th September 2024
October 25th October 2024
November 25th November 2024
December  16th December 2024
Salary certificate

For each tax year, the salary certificate for the preparation of your tax return is normally available in your MyUnil account at the end of January of the following year :


  1. My account

  2. My salary data

  3. "Documents de salaire"

  4. Annual salary certificate

Anyone who does not have access to MyUnil will continue to receive their salary certificate by post to their private address.

Please take note of the following considerations regarding the tax return:

The tax authorities of each canton have specified the methods for determining deductible expenses, particularly those related to teleworking. Therefore, the mention "UNIL has respected the cantonal and federal instructions or recommendations regarding teleworking. However, when an employee's activities could not be carried out by teleworking, they were carried out on site" has been added under figure 15 of the salary certificates of UNIL employees.

As far as Vaud taxpayers are concerned, the Direction générale de la fiscalité du canton de Vaud has specified in particular that, when drawing up the tax return, the number of days taken into account for the deduction of travel and meal expenses must be reduced by the days spent teleworking. If necessary, the tax authority may ask the taxpayer to justify the number of days worked on site. In this case, it is the employer who will be able to certify this information provided that it has been entered into the relevant tools.

For any additional information related to the tax provisions of your canton of residence or domicile, please refer to the tax administration of your canton.


Please visit the website of the Cantonal Tax Administration of the Canton of Vaud (ACI) in French

Tax at source

Information for persons taxed at source and Application for Rectification of Withholding Tax

Subsequent ordinary taxation on request

Persons taxed at source who are domiciled in the canton of Vaud for tax law purposes and who do not meet any of the above-mentioned grounds for subsequent compulsory ordinary taxation may, if they submit a written request by 31 March of the year following the tax year in question, be subject to subsequent ordinary taxation.

You can find the form by clicking here.


Return deadline

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Supplementary coverage for accidents abroad:

Following on from the request made by the International Relations Office, the University of Lausanne has purchased supplementary insurance cover from the Bâloise insurance company for accidents that occur abroad.

With basic cover, medical costs are reimbursed only up to double the equivalent price in Switzerland. Bâloise insurance addresses this by offering unlimited cover for the price of CHF 250 per calendar year. Premiums are payable by the employee and will be deducted automatically from his or her salary.

You will find all the necessary information in the attached form, which can be returned up to 30 November for cover valid from 1 January for the calendar year.



The Human Resources department is pleased to announce a number of changes regarding the amounts allocated to family allowances.

Effective since 1 September 2016 for all categories of beneficiaries (agricultural activity excluded) in the Canton de Vaud, the minimum amounts for family allowances are as follows:



Allowance for children under 16 years of age:

CHF 250 for the first and second child; CHF 370 from the third child onwards.

Allowance for disabled children, from 16 to 20 years of age:

CHF 330 for the first and second child; CHF 450 from the third child onwards.

Allowance for children taking a vocational training course or studying, from the first month until the end of the course or 25 years of age at the latest:

CHF 330 for the first and second child; CHF 450 from the third child onwards.

Childbirth or adoption allowance:

CHF 1,500 The allowance is doubled in the case of a multiple birth or simultaneous adoption of more than one child (the ACV pays CHF 1,600 to eligible employees).


The ACV has implemented this directive since 1 September 2016 and family allowances will be paid to you according to your actual entitlements in our payroll system.


Please be aware that you will receive a grant decision for all changes regarding your entitlement to welfare benefits since 1 September.

For more information about welfare benefits :


As a reminder, one of the objectives of RIE III is to support the purchasing power of families by increasing family allowances, by decreasing health costs through consolidating the reduction of LAMal premiums, and finally by increasing the State's financial support for day care facilities for small children. Information on all RIE III topics can be found on the intranet.

We thank you for your cooperation and remain at your entire disposal for any further questions you may have.


For more detailed information, please find below a chart summarising the amounts and the increases between now and 2022:


We remain at your entire disposal for any further information on this matter.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if needed:


For more information, please click here:

Maternity insurance


Welfare benefits in Switzerland

Family allowances (in French)

Pension fund of the Canton de Vaud (CPEV) (in French)

Retraites populaires (in French)


Contact details for the payment of your vested benefits credit:

Caisse de pensions de l'Etat de Vaud (CPEV)

Case postale 288

1001 Lausanne

CCP 10-16505-9

For any further question, don't hesitate to contact a CPEV advisor: Tel. +0041 21 348 24 43

For those with a graduate assistant, doctoral student or first assistant contract:

Retraites Populaires

Case postale 288

1001 Lausanne

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